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  1. Ashodara says:

    Sometime around 2000 BC, or perhaps even earlier, when much of Europe was still perfecting the art of survival, sages and seers of India were contemplating on the very nature of Reality.

    Meditating along river banks, on slopes of the mighty Himalayas and in remote forests, these wise men had realized that human existence was a mere veil of something mightier and more profound than life itself. They had discovered that there was a more ‘real’ existence than the mental existence and a ‘greater’ Life than the physical life. For the awakened men the forms and enjoyments that ordinary men worship and pursue were not anymore the object of desire.

    Thus rose the cry of the Upanishads – Rise and aspire beyond, free yourself from this illusory world of phenomenon and death and become your true immortal Self !!

    The Upanishads also known as the Vedanta or the culmination of the Vedas, are actually the essence of all Vedas and from the Upanishads was born the Bhagavad Gita, the song celestial – which contains a philosophy so practical and yet so profound that no other philosophy of this world or the next has been able to surpass it.

    The European powers were astounded when they were told by a German Indologist, Max Muller and later by another German philosopher, Schopenhauer that the earliest inhabitants of this primitive and savage land that they had set out to civilize and conquer had discovered the highest metaphysical truths when much of European civilization was still in its infancy.

    Ironically it was the Persian translation of the Upanishad written by a Muslim prince – Dara Shikoh which was instrumental in taking the primeval Hindu wisdom to the West.

    (Editor’s Note: Thank you for sharing your profound thoughts on the beauty and brilliance of Hinduism.

    “If it seems strange to you that the old Indian philosophers should have known more about the soul than Greek or medieval or modern philosophers, let us remember that however much the telescopes for observing the stars of heaven have been improved, the observatories of the soul have remained much the same.”

    – Friedrich Maximilian Mueller (1823-1900), German philologist and Orientalist.

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  2. Sandeep Agrawal says:

    Namaste from Kathmandu!

    This website is about true knowledge & wisdom that many societies across the world have been deprived of.

    Wisdom is universal as is the “Sanatan Dharma” – the Eternal religion. It takes a spark to ignite the light in minds & souls of people around the world. Hinduism is universal and it will be the people around the world who will pave way for knowledge.

    I thank you sincerely for creating a wonderful website of knowledge & wisdom that is enlightening and truth.


    (Editor’s Note: Thank you very much for your fine words of encouragement and support. They are deeply appreciated.

    For the readers to this website – some new articles written on the occasion of India’s Independence Day.

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  3. Sundar says:

    Excellent compilation. Only when you know where all Hinduism has been and does exist you realize the magnitude and the power of this faith.

    I have been to Angkor Vat and it is just magnificent. All the names of the Kings are of Tamil in origin. The Chola’s have been a great power and enough emphasis has not been given in history for what they had achieved. Wall street Journal had an article on January 1, 2000 saying that “America rules the world” and imagined what the headline would have been in the year 1000 and said “Chola’s rule the world”
    In going through your site I found that all credit for Hindu religion going to Sanskrit and no other Indian language. I get the feeling that it was the Brahmin’s that owned, propagated and preserved Hinduism and no one else. Many if not all the southern kings were not Brahmin’s and the state language in all these states has not been Sanskrit for many thousands of years. I hope you could provide some insights.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

    (Editor’s Note: Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement and suggestions for this website. They are much appreciated. It was not the intention of this website to give all credit for Hindu religion (Sanatan Dharma) to Sanskrit – wherever possible references have been made to the great Tamil language and Sangam literature. A 500 year old Tamil Bell was discovered in New Zealand and has been featured in the chapter under Angkor II. In the future updates – effort will be made to provide more insight into your suggestions. Warm regards).

  4. Alfred Tolete Ubana-Alegre says:

    Thank you for allowing me to use your website. I have a Hindu lineage by father on my mother side although I am a Unificationist…I found your teaching Universal and I believe that all faith, the very core of its teachings and principles have the same shared values. And we all long for LOVE, peace, harmony and unity…..

    (Editor’s Note: Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Hindu Wisdom website. Indeed, we all long for love, peace, harmony and unity in this conflict ridden world of ours. Warm regards).

  5. Sandeep says:

    Dear Sushma ji,

    Thank you for your wonderful website.

    “The book, by using unflinching and convincing source material, has gone on to prove that a concerted and conscious effort was made to establish the superiority of the white-blond-blue eyed- Christian culture over all other cultures, societies and people.

    (source: Lies with long legs – By Prodosh Aich Samskriti). Refer to Macaulays, Muellers exposed – By Satish Misra – tribuneindia.com”

    I find that ‘Lies with long legs” is linked to a newspaper article. If you can, Please re-direct it to http://www.lieswithlonglegs.com/ReadOnline.aspx. The complete book is available for online reading, this will be helpful for people interested. Please consider.


    (Editor’s Note: Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation for this website. I will be delighted to re-direct it to the link that you have provided. It would be helpful if you could let me under which chapter of Hindu Wisdom – should this be placed. Warm regards).

  6. Lalji K Verma says:

    Sushama Ji, Pranam!

    I was wondering whether we can find all scientific evidences mentioned in Hindu scriptures at one place cataloged in chapters, such as physics, mathematics, medical etc.
    Lalji Verma, New Delhi.

    (Editor’s Note: Hindu Wisdom has devoted a few chapters to these topics – under the category of Science. I am sure there are many notable websites and books that do it too. Warm regards).

  7. Miville says:

    I agree with you that the Hindu caste system is far more lenient and far less oppressive than any other form of social inequality necessary to make the social body function, the economy grow prosperous, while optimally enabling each one to achieve the various goals of his existence he might conceive of, i.e. honesty, meaningful work, knowledge, and salvation.

    Pursuit of total happiness in a world tailored to one’s desires, as the Americans put it in their founding motto, only leads to greater and greater frustration. People should rather strive to develop into the activities suitable to his primal psychological type.

    Indian castes or varnas are psychological races, not biological ones.

    The varna system has nothing to do with the so-called Aryan invasions as a kind of ancient Jim Crow doctrine to promote whites over colored people, actually it existed long before the Vedic civilization proper in Indian black communities, actually the Aryans because of their simpler life were more equalitarian though respectful of other more urbane cultures. Rulers and soldiers should not be chose on a purely hereditary basis, as happens in the Italian mafia, nor on the basis of training and studies, which is bound to attract power-seeking people as happens in European Fascist systems, but on the basis whether a man considers honor and honesty more important than survival itself. Priests and scholars should likewise be neither hereditary as happens in the Greek orthodox scheme, neither choice after an examination, which is bound to attract sinecure-seeking people as happens in the Catholic Church, but chosen on the basis of a taste for pure, austere, non-consumptive, non-conspicuous life. The bourgeoisie of a country, worthy to be trusted financially and educated in the professions, should be composed with people with tendencies of reason and thrift, not of conspicuous consumption as happens with Donald Trump. Pleasure-seeking people should strive to become experts in providing the same pleasures to other people, and develop the corresponding fine arts that make up a great civilization.

    (Editor’s Note: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the caste system. You have aptly pointed out that Indian castes or varnas are psychological races, not biological ones. Today, Crass consumerism, grotesque capitalism and globalization are destroying ancient cultures, our sense of morality and our natural environment. Refer to this recent article – Coming apart: the state of white America. Birth of caste in America – http://bharatkalyan97.blogspot.in/2012/07/coming-apart-state-of-white-america.html as well on how Hindu-Americans Rank Top in Education, Income in the US – all because they are still rooted in their ancient culture and religious traditions and have not been brainwashed by a Fake and insidious kind of Secularism that is morphing itself in India – http://www.voanews.com/content/hinds_most_educated_highest_earning_religion/1449355.html

    On a different note: A Mr. Sood had posted a comment on this guestbook earlier – but was accidentally erased in the spam folder. Our apologies. Warm regards).

  8. Rajasekhar Iyer says:

    Dear Sushma ji,

    Pranams! This site is an invaluable treasure for all, especially the Hindus, who appear at present to be in a deep slumber. I am at loss of words to sufficiently appreciate the mammoth efforts you must have put in to compile this huge pile of data and information. Blessed you be!

    To play a tiny part in spreading the awareness on the ancient wisdom of Hindus, May I request you to permit me to share selective contents of this site on a popular social networking forum FOTN?
    GOD bless you for the selfless service you have been rendering to the betterment of not only the Hindus, but the entire humanity! May HE continue to bless you to continue this noble service for a long, long time!

    With Regards & Best wishes,

    (Editor’s Note: Thank you very much for your fine words of encouragement. They are highly appreciated. I give you permission to use the contents of this website for educational purposes – provided that you will include a source link to this website. Warm regards).

  9. C V Sathyanarayan says:

    I thank you for the selfless service you have done to the world at large to bring to light the wealth of information about our land of destiny.

    May God bless you and your team.


    (Editor’s Note: Thank you very much for your kind words for this website. Warm regards).

  10. Kannan V C says:

    Deeply moved, touched and inspired by your work on this website.

    I have always held our tradition culture and wisdom in great esteem, but you have done an unparalleled service putting all this for us to constantly remind ourselves of our great spiritual heritage and also to follow its tenets.


    (Editor’s Note: Thank you very much for your fine and heartfelt sentiments regarding this website. They are deeply appreciated. Warm regards).

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